Football INU is a P2E 3D multiplayer football metaverse that joins billions of football enthusiasts in a community where you can develop your NFT football avatar,
manage your own club or arena, build fanbase, attract sponsorships and earn real income.


Football INU met with CZ in Lisbon l WebSummit2022


Football INU met with CZ in Lisbon WebSummit2022

CZ started his Metaverse Football Career with Football INU

Football INU accelerated its work with the upcoming world cup. After the team was listed on the stock market and approached a partnership agreement with a big world star;
Traveled to Lisbon to attend WebSummit2022. Football INU team had the opportunity to show themselves and meet big names.
CZ agreed to show us his football prowess after our intense requests and cheers. We send him our endless respect and love.
And here’s the talent we’ve been looking for, our latest transfer! You all know him very well: Changpeng Zhao

Play & Develop

Play & Develop your Football Player

Enjoy thrillingly immersive gameplay and earn revenue by growing your NFT avatar through competition, club deals, sponsorship, fanbase and new skills.



Choose your team name, pick your badge, and build the next greatest football club of the metaverse.
Play the strategic game and earn big by attracting star players, winning in the leagues, building your fanbase and attracting branding/sponsorship deals.

your own

Manage Your Own Arena

Earn passive income by hosting games and renting the arena for practice, as well as lucrative merch, ads and sponsorship opportunities.


FootballVerse by Football INU


Football INU Marketplace

In-game avatars will be NFT. All avatars will be exclusive and unique to their owner. Do you want to become a legend with in-game achievements and our unique item collections? We welcome you to the unique NFT Marketplace of the Football INU.
In addition, legendary football teams were selected and a special NFT collection was created for football fans. You can buy early and become one of the first architects of the Football INU world. (The income from this will be used for project development)

**Our NFT sales and game beta will launch with a big Youtube deal. Football INU Legend Teams Special NFT Pack sales will start earlier and revenue will be generated for our marketing efforts.


Football INU Player NFTs

Introducing 2 Player Card Types which will offer more team building freedom than ever before!
Design the “evolution” of your own players through player progression!


Hand-picked players who have put in exceptional performances in the “current season”, with a higher progression ceiling than Featured.


Celebrating the “defining season” of big names past and present, with a higher progression ceiling than Legendary.
You Can Track Us




First of all, Football INU has been specially designed at every stage to be the safest and most loved project. Football INU was created not as a meme token, but to tokenize the football world on the BSC network. In this direction, NFTs were prepared and the foundations of our metaverse world were laid.
As a result of in-team meetings and social research, it was decided that the tax fee would be 3%.
2% TaxFee is reserved for marketing activities.
1% TaxFee is reflecting to holders. At this point, we can say that we have created a passive income system.
Since the tax fee is 3%, large wallets are not reserved under the name of marketing, team, partnership.
Only a 5% wallet is reserved for Football INU to be listed on major exchanges.
With the decision of our finance team, FOOTBALL token will be sold with BNB parity and liquidity locked along 2 years.
Football INU’s biggest goal is to be listed on a major exchange as soon as possible.
Football INU project will be financed by NFT sales, stakes and sponsorships in the Football INU universe.
Our finance team secured special sponsorship deals specifically for Football INU Legend Teams Special NFT Collection in UEFA EURO2024 Germany. One of our biggest goals is to be the mascot of the tournament and to sign a partnership with a big world star.

Total Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 FOOTBALL
1. PancakeSwap Liquidity: %95 of Total Supply, Locked for 2 years
2. Reserved for major exchange listings: %3 of Total Supply
Football INU Buy/Sell tax fee is designed to be %3
3. Reserved for Exchange Pool: %2 of Total Supply

2% TaxFee is reserved for marketing activities.
1% of every buy and sell transaction is distributed to Football INU holders. At this point, we can say that we have created a passive income system.
(The only valid token of the Football INU ecosystem is FOOTBALL. Only FOOTBALL tokens will be used in all events.)



Football INU has been specially designed down to the last detail and prioritized transparency.
When RoadMap and our goals are examined, it can be seen that we have realistic goals and we reach them step by step.
If we do not support our goals with our work, please give us feedback. High-level interaction with the community is our primary goal.
Other than that, everyone is investing and has to have foresight about Football INU’s future plans.
Football INU will systematically focus on signing sponsorship deals with Premier League, La Liga, Seria A teams and world-renowned football stars.
In this direction, we have the world cup ahead of us and we will spend all our energy and financial strength to achieve these goals before the world cup starts:
1- Listing on a major exchange
2- Sponsorship agreement with a team that will participate in the World Cup
( Shirts, Shorts, Socks, Shoes do not matter. Our main goal is to have our logo and Football INU brand active in the world cup)
3- Agreement with a world-famous football player to be the face of the brand
These 3 targets will be our main targets in the next month.
Apart from that, RoadMap is listed below as basic items. Regards to Everyone







Football INU l Ronaldinho

Football INU l TEVEZ

Football INU l HENRY
Finance Director

Football INU l SUAREZ
Marketing Manager